*Alas, this petition is defunct and no longer accepting signatures. It ended with 28,116  signatures. Other workplace anti-bullying petitions have arisen on the internet (i.e., see  Move-On petition  intended for submission to Pres. Trump, the U.S. Congress, Verizon and Massachusetts) –  PGB, 2/28/18

Now you can do something about the epidemic of workplace bullying!

Please sign this petition to ask President Obama and the Secretary of Labor  to formulate uniform national legislation to protect American workers from this widely recognized form of workplace violence.

The petition drive is sponsored by this blog (When the Abuser Goes to Work) and other workplace anti-bully advocates.

Workplace bullying is devastating to the mental and physical health of targets and it costs employees, employers and taxpayers billions each year in lost productivity, absenteeism and health and social welfare costs.

America lags far behind other industrialized countries on this issue. Sweden adopted a workplace anti-bully law in 1993. The 32 countries of the European Union agreed in 2007 to require employers to prevent and protect workers from workplace bullying. Workers in Turkey and Estonia have protection from workplace bullying – why don’t we?

A 2011 survey by CareerBuilder found that 27 percent of American workers report having been bullied in the workplace. The short-term impact of this form of abuse is severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. The long-term impact of high stress is chronic disease,  including cardiovascular disease.

The vast majority of targets have little or no legal recourse. For many, the only hope is to quit and face chronic unemployment.


  1. President Obama
    Please work with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis in formulating uniform national legislation to protect American workers from suffering the physical, mental, spiritual, economic damages and severe anguish that are epidemic under the subjection of workplace bullying and hostile unhealthy workplaces.

  2. Workplace bullying is becoming an ever increasing issue in Britain too. I have been victim of this and it is very nasty. I would also like to note that many people within the workplace probably do not even realise they are even being bullied. I feel that bullying is also widely misunderstood and is much more serious than we might think! I have started a local petition … Together we can take effective action against workplace bullying. (To sign Mr. Manfredi’s petition, go to:

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