Best Legal Blog Finalist

This blog is a finalist from among a field of more than 2,000 legal blogs across the country for The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog.

Abuser Goes to Work, at, is among 250 nominees in eight different categories – ranging from criminal justice to intellectual property. The blog covers legal developments with respect to employment discrimination, bullying and abuse and offers a wide variety of resources for both workers and employers. To vote for Abuser Goes to Work, go here and use the vote button on the upper right or click the blue mediallion on the right sidebar of this blog and go from there.

This blog also is syndicated by Newstex, which provides news and commentary from the “world’s best authoritative sources.”

Readers will vote on the winner in each of the eight categories in balloting that concludes at midnight on October 9. The three blogs that receive the most votes overall will receive cash prizes. The competition can be found at The Expert Institute is a technology-driven platform for connecting qualified experts in every field with lawyers, investment firms, and journalists looking for technical expertise and guidance.

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