Trump’s Revolving Door May Hit Him in the Behind

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

It does not speak well for the employer when the employer fires multiple employees who were handpicked for their positions.

In the past year, President Donald Trump has fired a long list of high-ranking appointees, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, advisor (and reality TV star) Omarosa Manigault, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, FBI Director James Comey, numerous members of Trump’s White House communication’s staff, etc.

Employers are  at least partly responsible when an employee does not succeed in a job.

Excessive turnover means the employer made poor business decisions, wasting valuable resources – in this case, taxpayer dollars.  Repeatedly making poor hiring decisions invites distracting turmoil in an organization that erodes the employer’s success.

Some of the turnover in the White House may be because President Trump is not an experienced politician or part of the Washington establishment. Still, he holds himself out to be a savvy business person. Competence in hiring – including delegation of authority – is a key attribute for success in business

The high turnover rate at the White House raises questions about whether President Trump is a good judge of character and ability. Does he act on impulse and fail to think things through? Does he know what he wants?

Moreover, President Trump fired at least one of his appointees in shockingly spiteful manner.

When an employer acts badly, it deters recruitment of future employees. Who will uproot their lives and family to move to D.C., knowing they could be fired on Twitter?

Regardless of their working relationship, Rex Tillerson is a man of integrity and experience who took a chance on Trump by agreeing to become part of the President’s fledgling administration. President Trump repaid Tillerson by calling him from Air Force One to talk about his ouster hours after Trump had told the world on Twitter that Tillerson was fired.

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