There Is More Than Enough Evidence To Warrant Investigating Election Fraud

The nation is in turmoil.

There is overwhelming evidence of widespread voter fraud in Democrat controlled swing states that may have swung the election from the rightful winner, GOP Donald Trump, to Democrat Joe Biden.

Some obvious steps would go a long way to settle doubts and suspicions and, just as importantly, would remove the shadow looming over Biden and the next four years:

  • The U.S. Department of Justice could conduct an immediate forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems voting machines used in the election.
  • The DOJ and the FBI could conduct an intensive investigation of reports of ballot stuffing on a massive scale.

What is more important to the nation than insuring the right to vote was not compromised by malevolent actors in the United States and abroad?

Polls show that a third of Democrats and most Republicans suspect the election was stolen. What impact will their suspicions have going forward if they are ignored? It will grievously harm civic life in America for many years, and will utterly destroy respect for American laws and institutions.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

But nothing is being done.

‘To Date’

Instead, Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday the DOJ has found no evidence of widespread fraud “to date” that would change the results of the election.  Upon inspection, the statement is meaningless but, nonetheless, it got far more attention than evidence of election fraud has received.

Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani is completely correct to point out the DOJ hasn’t done a serious investigation to this point. You won’t find election fraud unless you turn over a few rocks.

See No Evil?

There is more than enough evidence to warrant a serious investigation by federal law enforcement authorities.

At a Michigan Senate Oversight Committee meeting Tuesday, a volunteer with “Guard the Vote” said the group examined 30,000 of the 172,000 absentee ballots in Detroit. Almost nine percent were fraudulent, including 229 ballots cast by dead people and 2,660 from people who gave invalid addresses at vacant lots and burned town houses.  Extrapolated to the total, he said, means an estimated 172,000 absentee votes cast in Detroit were fraudulent and should not have been counted.

At a hearing in Arizona on Monday, retired Army Col. Phil Waldron, a cybersecurity expert, showed legislators an anonymous email from a Pima County tech provider who alleged that 35,000 votes were illegitimately given to each Democratic candidate in Pima County, AZ.  Waldron called for a forensic audit of Pima County voting machines.

Cybersecurity experts at both the AZ and Michigan hearings said it appeared Dominion voting machines were connected to a router that was linked to other computers, and possibly the internet, where they were prone to hacking by domestic and foreign actors.

Meanwhile, a top cybersecurity expert, Dr. Navid Keshavar-Nia, filed a sworn affidavit in a lawsuit in which he concluded “with high confidence” that hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Trump were transferred to Biden.  Dr. Keshavar-Nia observes that at around  2:30 a.m. on election night, television reports indicate that PA, WI, AZ, NV and GA ceased their vote counting operations. “The unanimous decision to intentionally stop counting by all 5 battleground states is highly unusual, possibly unprecedented, and demonstrates prior coordination… [It] demonstrates collusion to achieve desired results without being monitored by watchers,” he said.

The Amistad Project of Thomas More Law Center held a press conference Tuesday where a postal service contractor, a long haul trucker, said he was instructed in October to transport some 280,000 completed ballots with signatures on the envelopes from New York to Pennsylvania. After an overnight layover, he said the trailer that he was pulling that contained the ballots “disappeared.”

The above is the tip of the iceberg. There are countless sworn affidavits by poll workers who describe large-scale systemic fraud. This is evidence.

The Tumor Will Grow

Instead of action, the DOJ, as evidenced by Barr’s comment, seems to be going out of its way to trivialize and minimize the evidence. The corporations and billionaires who own most of America’s media are intent upon completely ignoring or dismissing the evidence. They have the gall to blame Trump for complaining.

And the federal courts just look the other way.

6 thoughts on “There Is More Than Enough Evidence To Warrant Investigating Election Fraud”

  1. Every court that has heard the cases of alleged fraud has ruled that, in fact, the claims are absurd and unsupported by any evidence.

    Please look up reliable sources before you publish claims like this on a blog that’s meant to be about domestic violence.

  2. “FYI. This blog is about people using power to oppress others.”

    Ironic. What Trump and his “legal team” are doing right now is to try to bully state legislatures into casting their state electoral votes in favor of Trump instead of the majority vote based on unproven, anecdotal statements from what so far appears to be crazy people. This is oppression at the highest level and is on the order of a dictator. Please look up the definition of oppression before you write your next “blog”. Or better, based on the fact that you can’t see how ironic this is, look up the definition of each word you write, proof read it 10 times over, and then decide just what the probability is of you looking completely clueless again with the next masterpiece you produce.

  3. I’m no cyber expert, or someone with a PhD but at least in the case of PA and GA, they unlawfully changed their election laws going outside of the legislative process their own constitution calls for…. Covid-19 doesn’t give you the right to go against the constitution! This was carefully planned and executed by the Democrats!

  4. yet the ‘experts’ (majority conservative judicial panels) did rule it was ‘lawful’ hence their decision(s). perhaps these judges in their eyes saw NO violations against the constitution. just looking at it from the other side of the coin.

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