Election: U.S. At A Crossroads

Trust is the glue that binds any relationship together, including the relationship between citizens and their government.

The presidential elections is a dagger in the heart of the relationship between tens of millions of American voters who question the integrity of the election and the U.S. government’s response (or lack, thereof).  

As poet Maya Angelou said, people will forget what you said and what you did but “people will never forget how you made them feel.”  

What is most important right now is that many Americans feel, with some justification, that their voice was illegally silenced and their rights as American citizens were abridged. It is the consequences of erosion of trust that should be most concerning right now.

Erosion of Trust

Will Americans who question the “outcome” of the election respect the candidate who is declared the “winner”?

Will they continue to believe in a court system where partisan judges tossed standards out the window and summarily dismissed evidence of systemic voter fraud?

Will they trust the U.S. Department of Justice, which seems to be utterly disinterested in evidence suggesting the presidential election was rigged by domestic and possibly foreign crooks?

How can Americans ever have faith in the media again, after it ignored evidence of fraud both before and after the election (i.e., alleged influence peddling in foreign countries by Biden and his family). After hundreds of years of serving as an unofficial check and balance on government, the media is now a play toy for power hungry capitalists.

Evidence Keeps Rolling In

Significant credible evidence of systemic voter fraud has emerged in recent weeks in a handful of big cities in swing states.

A video went viral last week showing Georgia election workers pulling boxes of ballots out from under a table in the middle of the night after sending everyone else home. Apparently, the public is being asked to take the word of a GA bureaucrat that processing ballots under these circumstances was on the up-and- up.  Where is the investigation?

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, a law firm dedicated to election integrity, alleged in a lawsuit last week that Pennsylvania had more than 21,000 dead individuals on the voter rolls less than a month before the election. Of these, 92% were dead for at least a year; 9,212 were dead for at least five years; 1,990 registrants were dead for at least ten years; and, 197 registrants were dead for at least twenty years.

Analysts examined the election through the prism of Benford’s law, or the law of anomalous numbers, a formula that is used in forensic accounting to detect phony numbers and fraud. The numbers for Trump and lower party candidates are consistent but Biden’s numbers are wildly anomalous. This is not dispositive but it is yet more disturbing evidence.

Hearings took place in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania where hundreds of poll workers and voters described voting irregularities.

But all of that evidence is discounted in the mainstream media, overlooked and, even ridiculed.

The United States is at a crossroad. The path taken in the days ahead could have long-term consequences for America’s democracy.

A Politico survey showed 70% of Republicans (and 10% of Democrats) don’t think the election was free and fair; 78 % of them believe mail-in voting led to widespread voter fraud; 72% believe ballots were tampered with.

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