Vaccine: Prosecute Line Jumpers!

Why aren’t federal and local prosecutors prosecuting the moneyed elites who are jumping the line to get the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine?

Remember the criminal prosecutions of the rich Hollywood and Wall Street parents who paid bribes to get this children into Ivy League colleges? The stakes are much higher this time.

Line jumpers literally are stealing the vaccine from people who face much higher risk of severe complications and death due to age or co-morbidity factors. This is a theft far more serious than any other because it potentially costs lives.

Who are these morally deficient line jumpers?

All members of Congress were offered the vaccinations as part of a contrived theory of ensuring the “continuity of government operations.” Even U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), 31, a self-described Democratic Socialist, jumped the line. So much for the tired, poor, huddled masses.

The elites also include Hollywood power brokers, Big Tech moguls, local officials and the politically connected.

The Seattle Times reports that Overlake Medical Center & Clinics in Seattle sent an email to its “major donors” inviting them to sign up for “500 new appointments in the Overlake COVID-19 vaccine clinic, beginning this afternoon and tomorrow (Saturday, Jan. 23) and next week.” Overlake cancelled access to the vaccines after Gov. Jay Inslee’s staff intervened. How many big tech donors scored before the spigot was turned off?

Variety reports that members of the Hollywood elite have offered $10,000 bribes to doctors to get the vaccine before their turn. “Numerous high-flying executives and dealmakers have been cycling through private physicians and concierge services to receive one of the two established COVID-19 vaccines on the market,” states Variety.

According to the San Jose Spotlight, Good Samaritan Hospital in wealthy Santa Clara County, CA, sent an email to a local school inviting teachers to pretend they were health care workers and get vaccinated. Hospital officials said they wanted to thank teachers for raising money for meals for its staff at the start of the pandemic. The county is experiencing a vaccine shortage and is only inoculating health care workers and people aged 75 and older. Santa Clara County subsequently suspended the hospital from receiving coronavirus doses.

The city manager of Reno, NV, sent an email to staff recently after learning that a Reno Municipal Court official had secured early vaccinations for court personnel. “It is unconscionable to me that anyone would put their interests before those who need the vaccine first: among them our health care workers, first responders and seniors who are 70 and older. For at-risk groups, the vaccine could mean life or death,” wrote City Manager Doug Thornley.

La Familia Medical Center in New Mexico invited the staff of Kitchen Angels, which then invited its 420 volunteers, to jump the line on Jan. 11. Kitchen Angels is a a non-profit agency that distributes meals to the homebound, who were probably entitled to the vaccine but couldn’t get it.

Legalized Line Jumping

Meanwhile, Pima County in Arizona, which includes the state’s second largest city, Tucson, is ignoring the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revised guidelines that recommend residents age 65 to 74 be included in the current (1b) stage of vaccination.

AZ Governor Doug Ducey urged all state jurisdictions to follow the CDC’s revised guideline but Pima County refused. It continues to limit vaccines only to those aged 75 and above and tens of thousands of second-tier essential personnel of all ages. Many of these so-called essential workers do not even work outside an office (i.e. police 911 personnel).

In this way, the county government is turning its back on people who have far greater risk of complications and death from COVID-19. For example, the CDC says people aged 65 to 74 have a 90 times higher risk of dying from COVID than people aged 18 to 29.

The Arizona Star reports that Pima County residents over the age of 65 make up just 14% of the county’s recorded COVID-19 cases but 41% of hospitalizations and nearly 80% of deaths.

The individuals who were prosecuted for paying bribes to get their children into Ivy League colleges were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

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