Ten Percent Of WY Voters Appear to Back Cheney Recall

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-WY, perhaps the most vocal of a small group of House Republicans who supported impeaching former GOP President Donald J. Trump, is now the subject of a wildly popular internet recall petition.

As of Sunday, more than 59,000 signatures were affixed to a Change.org “Recall Liz Cheney” petition. Wyoming has a population of 581,075.

The recall petition was created on Jan. 12 and states: “Liz Cheney does not speak for the people of Wyoming we have had enough of these swamp people this petition might not do much but maybe it will tell her we will not sit by and take it anymore”.  

Almost 70% of voters in Wyoming voted for Trump in the past election.

Fortunately for Cheney, there is no law in Wyoming permitting the recall of a sitting House member so she’s safe for now. Cheney calls her vote to impeach Trump a vote of “conscience.”

Meanwhile, Cheney, the third most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, appeared on Sunday morning television interview shows and doubled down on her position that Trump should be impeached by the U.S. Senate when it convenes on Tuesday.

Cheney also raised the possibility of criminal action against Trump for “incitement of insurrection” on Jan. 6, when a mob broke into the Capitol Building.


Cheney, one of ten House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump, was censured Saturday by the Wyoming Republican Party. Only eight of the 74 members of Wyoming’s GOP central committee opposed the censure motion, which accused Cheney of denying Trump “due process.”

The daughter of former GOP Vice President Dick Cheney, she recently survived an attempt by fellow House Republicans to oust her from her role as GOP Conference Chair. The vote was 145 to 61.

GOP members are particularly irked that Cheney surprised the party when she publicly demanded Trump’s impeachment 36 hours prior to the House impeachment vote, just in time to lend support to the Democratic led effort.

The petition was started by Shelly Horn of Gillette, WY.

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