The Plan: Ignore GOP Election Concerns

A national poll this week found that 67% of Republicans across the country still believe the 2020 presidential election was invalid.

Yet, America’s three branches of American government – executive, legislative and judicial – seem determined to ignore the concerns of more than 50 million voters, attributing them to misinformation peddled by the conservative media.

Indeed, the Democratic Party unveiled a controversial strategy this week to de-platform conservative cable news outlets for fomenting “dangerous misinformation” about the election.

First Amendment

Two members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Anna G. Eshoo and Jerry McNerney, both Democrats from California, Monday sent an ominous letter to 12 cable and tech CEO’s asking, “Are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, OANN and Newsmax on your platform both now and beyond the renewal date?” the letter continues. “If so, why?”.

The Committee held a hearing Wednesday to address “disinformation and extremism” in the conservative media.

Prof. Jonathan Turley, chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, told committee members that “free speech is not contained entirely within the First Amendment.” He said the letter by Eshoo and McNerney attacks free speech. “We should be concerned when members try to do indirectly what they cannot do directly,” he said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear challenges to the constitutionality of election changes in battleground states prior to the election; a majority of the court recently dismissed the challenges as moot. A dissent written by Justice Clarence Thomas warned: “By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence.”

Democratic President Joe Biden, perhaps unsurprisingly, is just ignoring the whole thing.

Alternative Voting Methods

The national poll by R Street, a non-partisan free-market think tank, found that only 23% of likely Republicans feel the election was valid. Two thirds of Republicans expressed concern about specific, identifiable practices:

  • 92% of participants believe alternative methods of voting, such as vote-by-mail and voter drop boxes, “opened the 2020 election to increased error, mismanagement or fraud.”
  • 76% support signature matching to increase election accountability.
  • 90% oppose ballot harvesting, or allowing third-parties to collect and file absentee ballots, except for family members.
  • 66% oppose same day voter registration.

Forty-two percent of respondents “agree that the electoral system has become corrupt and that their vote probably doesn’t get counted anyway.”

The pollsters sampled 1,200 likely Republican voters from Jan. 25 to Feb. 5. Interviews also were conducted with 300 likely Republican voters in the swing states of Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

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