Using The Legal System To Suppress Dissent?

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell filed a federal lawsuit Thursday in Minneapolis claiming that electronic voting machine companies are “weaponizing the litigation process” to silence political dissent over the 2020 election.

Mike Lindell

A few hours later, Lindell’s Minneapolis attorney Alec J. Beck , a respected 30-year litigator, was dumped from his white shoe law firm, Barnes & Thornburg LLP. The web site Law & Crime quoted a Barnes & Thornburg spokesperson as stating Beck failed to obtain prior authorization from the firm before filing the Lindell lawsuit.

Social media erupted with insults aimed at Lindell, who claims the 2020 election was stolen from GOP Pres. Donald J. Trump, calling him a conspiracy theorist, delusional, insane, “a loser crack head,” source of baseless information, etc.

Most of the national media ignored Lindell’s lawsuit but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ anti-Trump newspaper, The Washington Post, took the opportunity to declare Lindell’s claims are not only false but ridiculous.

Defendants include Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. and SGO Corporation Ltd, a London corporation identified as the owner of Smartmatic USA Corp. The lawsuit claims Dominion has contracts with over 1,300 government jurisdictions around the U.S. to administer elections.


Here are some excerpts from the lawsuit, which is available at Scribd:

  • Voting machines companies and software providers are “weaponizing the litigation process to silence political dissent and suppress evidence showing voting machines were manipulated to affect outcomes in the November 2020 general election.”
  • “Dominion has… intimidated witnesses to election fraud by suing or threatening to sue over 150 private individuals or organizations, including dozens of citizen volunteer poll watchers, with baseless defamation lawsuits or ‘cease and desist’ letters from Dominion’s lawyers at Clare Locke.”
  • “Smartmatic and Dominion have embarked on a concerted, collective enterprise to extort silence from their dissenters or bring financial ruin on any and all who persist in speaking their minds.”

Dominion’s lawsuits against Fox News and its commentators “were amplified by a high-powered, well-orchestrated publicity campaign… Dominion intends for its media blitz to inflict a crippling fear of becoming the next target for destruction if one dares to raise any question about the use and integrity of voting machines during elections.:

“The First Amendment guarantees the right of citizens… to express political dissent and espouse beliefs without fear of intimidation, suppression, or punishment from state actors like voting machine companies that provide election equipment and run elections for government agencies.”

“This new, fledgling era of ‘lawfare’ must be stopped before it is allowed to gain a toehold of acceptance in the U.S. judiciary and the courts become yet another weapon for wealthy corporations and the powerful politicians they support to silence speech and ideas they deem acceptable to their narrative.”

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and various Democrat-affiliated groups have spent months attempting to “thwart or obstruct” the on-going forensic audit of Dominion’s voting machines. Among other things, they have refused to turn over routers that would show Dominion machines “connectivity to the internet.”

“The Maricopa County officials have also admitted they do not possess the administrative passwords to the Dominion voting machines – meaning Dominion employees had control over the election.”

“Dominion, Smartmatic, and others are desperate to cover up gross security flaws in their electronic voting systems – and information showing cyber attacks and hacking in the November 2020 election – by uniting in a common purpose to use the litigation process to attempt to suppress the revelation and public discussion of these truths.”

“… by the time of the 2020 election, Chinese government -related entities, Chinese technology companies, and powerful Chinese financial interest had direct or indirect ownership of and near-total access to Dominion’s and Smartmatic’s voting machine technology.”

“… no litigant should be permitted to use the courts and the litigation process as a bludgeon to suppress and stifle dissent. But that is what the Dominion Defendants and Smartmatic Defendants have done.”

The lawsuit goes into considerable depth about the convoluted ownership trails of Dominion, Smartmatic and other companies that allegedly control American elections.

On exhibit purportedly shows the election management systems in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona were hacked, “resulting in a total 555,864 votes switched from President Trump to candidate Vice President Biden in the 2020 general election. These hacks came primarily from within China and are identified by the date, location, and the network from which the hack originated… “

Lindell demands a jury trial.

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