NYT: Free Press For Me, Not Thee?

American journalism has reached a low point when one of America’s premier journalistic institutions appears to condone the U.S. Department of Justice’s assault on another news organization.

The left-leaning New York Times, which prides itself on being the U.S. newspaper of record, and Project Veritas, a right-leaning group that engages in controversial undercover journalism, are at different ends of the political spectrum. But both clearly are news gathering organizations under the law and protected by the First Amendment’s guarantee of a “free press.”

The Times has run a series of stories diminishing the bona fides of Project Veritas, which is being investigated by the FBI for having acquired (but not published) the diary of Pres. Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, who underwent treatment for addiction.

The FBI conducted a dawn raid last month at the apartment of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe who was pictured standing handcuffed in his underwear. The homes of two former Project Veritas employees also were searched by the feds.

According to a recent NYT article, the federal probe “is testing the line between investigative journalism and political dirty tricks.”


The federal probe is testing the line between the independence of U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and his boss, Pres. Biden.

The probe is testing the line between whether U.S. media will be free to report on an issue that embarrasses a U.S. President or relegated to serve as a mouthpiece for a third world banana republic.

(Note: The fact that Pres. Biden’s daughter was treated for substance abuse is legitimate news because it says something about the epidemic of substance abuse plaguing every town, city and state in America due to incompetent drug enforcement, open borders, etc.)

Pentagon Papers

Finally, the probe is testing the line between whether the NYT supports a truly free and independent press even when it challenges the NYT’s “woke” political orthodoxy.

Some readers may not remember that the NYT is the newspaper that in 1971 published the Pentagon Papers, which were critical of the Vietnam war. The papers were stolen by an anti-war activist Daniel Ellsberg, who had worked at the Pentagon for the Secretary of Defense and was charged with espionage, theft and conspiracy.

What would have happened if the feds had conducted a dawn raid on the home of the editor of the Times, handcuffing him and permitting photographs of him in his underwear? How would the NYT journalists who are penning the Project Veritas stories feel about their homes being invaded because they were covering a news issue?

The current leaders of the NYT apparently have a short memory.

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