More Evidence The Hiring Game Is Rigged?

When I was in my 50s, I considered transitioning into a career teaching media law at a major university.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores

I applied for a half-dozen jobs and each time I was selected as one of three finalists and invited to the campus to present a lecture. Each invitation took a couple of days, many hours of preparation, travel time and exhaustive work.

Each time I was rejected in favor of a young newly-minted PhD with no experience, or a member of a minority group who was far less qualified. When I talked to a professor friend about this, he said I would never be hired because, “You’re too old.” I stopped wasting my time.

Apparently, no one told Brian Flores the game of hiring is rigged.

Former Miami Dolphins Coach Brian Flores recently sued the National Football League and its 32 teams alleging they discriminated against him and other Black coaches in their hiring practices.

It seems NFL teams pick at least one minority as a finalist for coaching jobs for the sake of appearances and Flores is getting tired of being that minority.

According to the New York Times, Flores received a text message from his former boss, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, congratulating him for winning the position of New York Giants head coach. Flores had not yet interviewed for the job.

Flores asked Belichick if he had meant to sent the text to Brian Daboll, who is white, and had already interviewed. Belichick said, “I think they are naming Daboll. I’m sorry about that.”


Flores states he was “humiliated in the process as the New York Giants subjected him to a sham interview in an attempt to appear to provide a Black candidate with a legitimate chance at obtaining the job.”

A proposed class action lawsuit will be a major uphill battle for a candidate like Flores because he will have to show that he was not hired because of his race.

Flores was fired after leading the Dophins for three years, including two winning seasons.

In my case, I think I was the qualified applicant who provided an interesting guest lecture for students and faculty. I checked one box (female). But, ultimately, I was disfavored because of universities hire mainly young faculty.

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