Wimpy Women Of The Ivy League

Lia Thomas, a 6-foot-4 transgender woman from the University of Pennsylvania, has become the Ivy League’s 2022 Champion for female swimming, smashing records previously set by biological women.

Guess which swimmer is Lia Thomas?

Thomas previously competed on UP’s men’s team but failed to distinguish himself. Now, as a trans woman who has yet to have gender reassignment surgery, she has risen to the pinnacle of women’s swimming. Onward to the NCAA championships!

How can this be? It might have something to do with Thomas’ pathetic, wimpy female teammates.

Too Fearful To Sign

Sixteen out of 40 female UP swimmers wrote an anonymous letter earlier this month complaining about Thomas’ obvious “unfair advantage over competition” but not a single one of these privileged young women had the guts to sign it.

Supposedly they fear they will be subject to retaliation and (God forbid!) miss out on future opportunities.

Women of my generation fought to pass Title IX in 1972 so these little Penn girls could have opportunities to participate in collegiate sports that we were denied.

There were virtually no sports teams for women at colleges and universities fifty years ago. Yale University did not even accept female undergraduates until 1969. Universities enforced quotas for women in many professional fields, including law and medicine. We fought to change this.

And before us, suffragists were force fed in prisons to secure the vote for women.

It is almost unbelievable that these privileged women of the Ivy League are too cowardly to stand up for their own right to compete on an even playing field in college sports, let alone the right of the women who will follow them.

Thomas should be applauded. She has shown much more courage than the Ivy League’s wimpy female swimmers, even while she is blindly robbing them of opportunities and championships.

It seems we can’t count on the women of the Ivy League to take back women’s sports because they lack courage. Like the ACLU, it appears the women of the Ivy League are okay with women potentially being crowded out of women’s sports altogether by transgender females with male bodies that are innately stronger and more powerful.

Ironically, Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman who formerly was a male Olympic gold medal winning decathlete, called on the NCAA to immediately stop transgender athletes like Thomas from competing against their biological women.  She had nothing to gain and certainly potential opportunities to miss.

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