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Patricia Barnes, J.D., is an expert on employment discrimination, workplace bullying and abuse. A licensed attorney, Ms. Barnes has written two books on age discrimination, Overcoming Age Discrimination in Employment and Betrayed: The Legalization of Age Discrimination in the Workplace.  She is the author of a leading book on workplace abuse,  Surviving Bullies, Queen Bees & Psychopaths in the Workplace and Transcend Your Boss: Zen and the Difficult Workplace,.  She writes a syndicated legal blog on workplace abuse, bullying and discrimination called When the Abuser Goes to Work. She provides telephone consultation for employers and employees for an hourly fee. Contact her at barnespatg (at) for more details and to make an appointment.

2 thoughts on “Need Advice?”

  1. I am looking for honest help. I am working for I HOP and have been discriminated against for months now. On 4/21/16 I stood up and defended my self aganist another CO worker who has been giving me grief for 6 months now. All management team knows and kept being told it was being handled and has not yet. I was sent home and my disciplinary form given said I may return on next scheduled shift bity g.m has it I can’t come bk for 3 days…I need help on what to do so no other person has to be treated like this..does it matter that I am gay and that is why I keep getting treatment of this sort or is it aoley I HOP truely does not care…

    1. May I suggest you check out my free web site,, or my low-cost book, Surviving Bullies, Queen Bees & Psychopaths in the Workplace, to see if you are being bullied or worse. I charge an hourly fee for personal consultations. Pat


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