Marjorie Taylor Greene And America’s Class Divide

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wore a smart blue mask with white rectangles that matched her fashionable suit with a zip up jacket.

In a contemptuous voice, she called freshman GOP U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, D-GA, a “threat,” and a “QAnon adherent,” “9/11 truther,” “harasser of child survivors of school shootings.”

That’s why, she said, Democrats were taking the extraordinary, unprecedented step of stripping Greene, a Republican,  of her committee assignments.

“Who would imagine,” Pelosi asked, “that [Republican leadership] would put such a person on the education committee?”

Democrats have spent a lot of time in recent months talking about America’s racial divide but Green represents another kind of divide, the class divide.

Pelosi, one of America’s true elites, probably can’t imagine what motivates Greene (or voters in Greene’s district).

Greene was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She did not graduate from Yale or Harvard. And she’s from the deep south, Milledgeville, GA, which is just about as far as you can get from the beltway.

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Florida’s Historic Move To Combat Big Tech Censorship

The Florida legislature is working on proposed legislation to deter big tech from engaging in partisan political censorship in the state.

The effort, announced by Florida’s GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, is the first legislative response to big tech’s successful effort to silence former GOP President Donald J. Trump and other conservative voices on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

“We’ve seen the power of their censorship over individuals and organizations, including what I believe is clear viewpoint discrimination,’’ said DeSantis, who was accompanied by Florida House Speaker Chris Sprows and Senate President Wilton Simpson, also Republicans.

DeSantis said  “the big tech oligarchy” is “more of a clear and present danger to the rights of free speech than the government itself.”

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The New Salem Witch Trial

Marjorie Taylor Greene certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but is she a “direct threat” to the U.S. government? A “cancer” to the Republican Party?

It seems the nation is being whipped into a wave of hysteria reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials, which led to the hanging of a couple of dozen people (mostly women) for witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts.

Greene, a freshman Congresswoman from Georgia, is the main focus but no Republican seems safe in the wake of a group of thugs storming the Capitol Building on Jan. 6.

Greene is a supporter of former GOP President Donald Trump and has expressed views on social media that range from unorthodox to bizarre. She also posts Bible verses, anti-mask rhetoric and strongly advocates for gun rights. She is regularly demonized by the media for reportedly sympathizing with a group called QAnon, which holds that politicians, Hollywood big shots and journalists are part of an international pedophile ring.

Clearly, Greene would not be the choice of Democratic voters in St. Louis or San Francisco. But Georgia residents voted Greene into office in the past election by a healthy margin. She is not accused of breaking any laws. Should Greene be cancelled because her views do not align with the mainstream?

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Biden Puts Glass Ceiling Back On Women’s Sports

In Connecticut, three female track and field athletes filed a Title IX complaint arguing they were prevented from top finishes and potential college scholarships by two transgender sprinters.

It is a scientific fact that a biological male who goes through puberty has a significant physical advantage in sports when compared to a female and “the muscular advantage enjoyed by transgender women is only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed. ”

The U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) agreed with the female runners. The OCR ruled in May the physical advantage enjoyed by the two transgender runners had allowed them to win a combined 15 girls state indoor or outdoor championship races since 2017. The Office threatened to halt funding for Connecticut school districts that permitted biologically male runners who identify as female to compete in girls sports.

In his first day in office, GOP Pres. Joe Biden effectively rescinded the OCR’s ruling.

With the stroke of a pen, GOP Pres. Joe Biden set female athletics back 40 years.

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