‘Tom Brokaw was Nice to Me so He Can’t Be a Sexual Harasser!’

It is unfortunate that 64 women have signed a letter supporting Tom Brokow, the NBC television journalist who was accused of sexual harassment by two women this week.

The thrust of the letter, signed by Rachel Maddow, Maria Schriver and Andrea Mitchell, is that Brokaw was respectful to them so he can’t possibly be a bully and a cad to anyone else.

You would think they would know better.

News flash  -> Some sexual harassers are nice guys to everyone but the unfortunate women they target.

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Even Likeable Sexual Harassers Don’t Belong in the Senate

A typical reaction to sexual harassment is to diminish and trivialize the behavior when the perpetrator is someone we value and the victim(s) does not sufficiently resemble the Virgin Mary.

Sen. Al Franken, D-MN, is being urged to reconsider his decision to resign from the U.S. Senate in the wake of accusations by a half-dozen women that he groped them or tried to forcibly kiss them. Several high profile Democrats and so-called feminists are urging Franken to remain in office and undergo a Senate Ethics Committee review of his conduct.  They argue that he supports women’s rights. He’s a valuable Democrat. A top fund raiser. He’s funny.  To paraphrase Stuart Smalley, people like him.  And, of course, some Republicans are far worse and they aren’t being pushed out. That’s all true but … so what?

Remember when powerful feminists overlooked decades of credible accusations of predatory abuse of women (and worse) by former Democratic President Bill Clinton. He too was a staunch supporter of women’s rights.  Clinton denied it all, of course, until he was forced to admit to nine tawdry encounters with an unpaid White House intern in the Oval Office. She kept his DNA on her clothing as a souvenir.

Sexual harassment will not stop until society adopts a “zero tolerance” policy that applies to the people we like.