Women’s Sports Foundation Plumbs Outer Boundary Of Rank Hypocrisy

One of the great ironies with respect to Pres. Joe Biden’s executive order allowing biological males to compete in girl’s sports is the fact that it is supported by the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF).

The founder of the WSF is Billie Jean King, a former professional tennis player who came to national attention in 1973 when at the age of 29 she won the televised “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match against Bobby Riggs, 55, a professional tennis player, hustler and loud mouth male chauvinist.

Some 50 million looked on while King beat Riggs at the Houston Astrodome, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3.

The Battle of the Sexes put King, now 76, and women’s tennis on the map. It was an important milestone in women’s athletics. But King and the WSF seem to have forgotten that Riggs was 55 years old on that fateful day. There’s no way King would have won had they been the same age.

So how can King and the WSF justify telling female athletes today that biological male transgender athletes who identify as female should be permitted to compete in women’s sports?

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Biden Puts Glass Ceiling Back On Women’s Sports

In Connecticut, three female track and field athletes filed a Title IX complaint arguing they were prevented from top finishes and potential college scholarships by two transgender sprinters.

It is a scientific fact that a biological male who goes through puberty has a significant physical advantage in sports when compared to a female and “the muscular advantage enjoyed by transgender women is only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed. ”

The U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) agreed with the female runners. The OCR ruled in May the physical advantage enjoyed by the two transgender runners had allowed them to win a combined 15 girls state indoor or outdoor championship races since 2017. The Office threatened to halt funding for Connecticut school districts that permitted biologically male runners who identify as female to compete in girls sports.

In his first day in office, GOP Pres. Joe Biden effectively rescinded the OCR’s ruling.

With the stroke of a pen, GOP Pres. Joe Biden set female athletics back 40 years.

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