Declaring Support for Trump Is An Invitation To Bullying

Kirstie Alley, an actress on the beloved 80s’ TV show “Cheers,” recently became the target of “mobbing” or group bullying when she tweeted her support for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Her experience shows why so many Trump voters become “shy voters”  who are reluctant to share their support for Trump.

The impact of shy voters on national polling in 2016 is thought to be one reason Trump’s election was such a shock to the national media. So called shy voters were afraid to identify their voting preference to pollsters, provided false answers when asked who they planned to vote for, or refused to participate in polls altogether.

As a result, the New York Times reported on election day 2016 that Trump had a mere 15% percent chance of victory.


Not much seems to have changed in four years. Some supporters of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden still greet a declaration of support for Trump as an invitation to bullying.

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