Showtime Renews Show Despite “Racist” Attack On White Women

Ziwi Fumudoh

White women, like all women, have been marginalized, discounted and mistreated throughout history.

So it should not be particularly surprising that older white women today are a special target of derision in the on-going race war.

Most recently, Spence School, a posh Manhattan private school, was in the news because it showed graduating 8th graders a video that ridiculed and humiliated white women, who were portrayed as being “tarred and feathered.”

The incident came to light after Gabriela Baron, a Hispanic female executive, pulled her daughter out of the $57,000 a year school in protest. “Racism is racism,” said Baron.

The video footage came from a Showtime offering, a show of “fearless satire” hosted by African American comedian Ziwerekoru “Ziwe” Fumudoh, 29, a graduate of the posh private school, Phillips Academy in Andover, MA .

The head of the Spence School last week apologized for showing the students the video but Showtime apparently is entirely without remorse. Variety reported Tuesday that Showtime has renewed Ziwi’s show for another season. Variety’s article did not even mention the Spence School incident.

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