Partisan Courts, Predictable results?

This week’s decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding election poll watchers was a sad commentary on the judicial system.

It was partisan.

Pennsylvania’s election code states: “Watchers shall be permitted to be present when the envelopes containing official absentee ballots are opened and when such ballots are counted and recorded.”

What does “present” signify?

Poll watchers for GOP President Donald Trump argued they were kept so far from the action that they could not see whether outside envelopes containing ballots were properly signed by voters and marked by election workers. Once the envelopes are separated from the ballot, which is not signed for privacy reasons, there is no way to ascertain whether the ballot was cast by a bona fide voter.

Initially Trump’s poll watchers were cordoned off behind a waist-high security fence about 35 yards away from the action.  However, a PA Commonwealth Court judge ordered them to be relocated about six feet from the action, close enough to “ascertain sufficient details of the canvassing process.”

Split Along Party Lines

In a split ruling Tuesday, the Democratic majority on Pennsylvania’s high court overturned the Commonwealth Court ruling, holding that state law required only that poll watchers be “in the room” when votes are counted. (This is the case even if the room is the size of a football field?)

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2020 Election: What’s Under the Hood?

Several media outlets this week have made much of the fact that an international team of observers saw nothing awry in the American elections.

Meanwhile, The New York Times, which is fiercely anti- President Donald Trump, declared Wednesday that no election fraud occurred because election officials told them so.

This type of superficial scrutiny is akin to a doctor looking at a patient and declaring her to be in good health without taking her temperature or blood pressure. It’s like an auto mechanic certifying a used car is a good buy because it is shiny, without looking under the hood.

The 2020 election was unlike any in American history due to the heavy reliance on mail in ballots and the use of voting machines that use software and internet technology. And there is reason for concern.

President Donald Trump is performing a public service by demanding accountability in the 2020 election. If he simply accepted the election results and stepped down, Americans would never know what’s under the hood. Is the election system that is the heart of our democracy truly healthy or was it infected by a virus or a cancerous tumor?

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AGs Say PA’s ‘Jurisprudential Misadventure’ Threatens All Voters

Attorneys General in ten GOP states have filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court opened the door to election fraud that threatens the “liberty” of all Americans.

They say PA high court’s ‘jurisprudential misadventure” exacerbated the risk of fraud and abuse in mail-in voting in PA by permitting votes to be counted when there was no assurance they were cast by election day.

States outside PA “have a strong interest in preventing the effective invalidation of their own voters’ choices through illegal voting in Pennsylvania,” they argue

The group, led by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, asks the Court to reverse the PA high court’s decision allowing  mail-in ballots to be counted provided they arrive up to three days after Election Day, including those lacking a postmark to prove they were mailed by Election Day.

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