A Loophole In Biden’s Workplace Bullying Policy?

(Note: Dr. Lander resigned a few hours after this story was posted on Feb. 7, 2022)

After a two-month investigation, the White House has determined that Pres. Joe Biden’s top science advisor, Dr. Eric Lander, bullied and demeaned subordinates in violation of the White House’s workplace bullying policy.

As a result, Dr. Lander, a Cabinet member and director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), was counseled while the main object of his derision, his then-general counsel, Rachel Wallace, was transferred to a different job.

Wait a minute… Dr. Lander kept his job and Wallace, a target of his bullying, was reassigned? Some would consider a reassignment under these circumstances to be a penalty that will discourage other complainants from stepping forward.

When Biden took office, he famously said he expected “honesty and decency” from workers in his administration and would fire anyone who shows disrespect to others “on the spot.” But not Dr. Lander, who has worked on the Biden administration’s pandemic response.

Biden’s policy apparently includes a loophole for important people like Dr. Lander.

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Gannett Banishes Mallard For Ruffling Feathers About Transgenders In Girls Sports

“For too long, segregation sullied women’s sports … They were restricted to women! Thank goodness those dark days are over.”

Mallard Fillmore

That was the text of one of two cartoons published last month that got the comic strip Mallard Fillmore banned by corporate leaders at Gannett Co., Inc., the largest newspaper publisher in the United States as measured by total daily circulation.

Syndicate King Features said the corporate office of the Gannett last week abruptly cancelled Mallard Fillmore, which appeared in 69 Gannett newspapers, stating it “did not meet our standards.”

The comic strip has been drawn by cartoonist Bruce Tinsley for 27-years.


The second of the offending comic depicts President Biden saying, “I hear what you, the American people, want me to do … kill fossil-fuel jobs … devalue Americans’ labor … and help more transgender athletes beat the *@!# out of biological females.”

Ironically, a poll earlier this month by Politico and Morning Consult shows that most Americans agree with Mallard – 53% of 1,990 registered voters said they support a ban on transgender athletes competing in women sports. Only a third of those surveyed opposed the ban.

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A New Age Of Election Interference By Media

For hundred of years, political candidates have expressed concern (sometimes legitimate) about how big cities run elections in the United States.

But this year is different.

It marks the first Presidential election where the media feels entitled to step in and “explain” away concerns about ballot tampering and voter fraud or diminish them on the grounds they are unproven, disputed or even false.

For example, President Donald Trump, a Republican, tweeted Wednesday that the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania is “working hard to make up 500,000 vote advantage in Pennsylvania disappear — ASAP. Likewise, Michigan and others!”

Facebook flagged Trump’s claim with the statement: “Election officials follow strict rules when it comes to ballot counting, handling and reporting.”

So Facebook effectively diminished Trump’s concern because, as we all know, election officials in Philadelphia follow the rules when it comes to ballot counting, handling and reporting.

Isn’t THIS election interference?

Twitter flagged Trump’s claim with the notice: “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

Trump obviously is disputing the way Philadelphia is handling the election process. What is the purpose of Twitter’s caution that Trump’s concern is “disputed and might be misleading.” Twitter is effectively detracting from the legitimacy of Trump’s concern. Who elected Twitter?

If and when Trump files a lawsuit alleging misconduct by Philadelphia election officials, it would be highly unusual for the press to report the allegations contained in his complaint are “disputed” and possibly “misleading” Yet, Facebook and Twitter do not hesitate to denigrate the U.S. President’s concern about election fraud.

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