The Most Courageous Politician in the U.S.?

Mobbing occurs when bullies gang up to drive out an individual who is perceived to have a weakness or to silence that person by inflicting psychological pain.

Scott Tim

This is what happened to U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, after he delivered a thoughtful and respectful response to Democratic President Joe Biden’s address to the nation on Wednesday.

Mobbing is a scurrilous form of harassment that, in this case, was clearly intended to discredit Scott’s speech by attacking his racial identity.

Scott is the lone GOP African American in the U.S. Senate.


Liberal progressive “thinkers” seem to find it acceptable to use a racist slur to refer to an African American politician simply because he has a different vision for how to address racial problems that have resisted resolution in America for many decades.

After Scott’s speech, a hashtag began trending on Twitter – #UncleTim. This refers to the term “Uncle Tom” and was intended to portray Scott as a black man who is excessively subservient to white people. Scott was ridiculed in thousands of tweets for 11 hours until Twitter finally shut it down.

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