Did ‘Advocates’ Who Filmed Sen. Sinema In A Bathroom Violate The Law?

There is no justification for the extreme harassment of U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-AZ, on the grounds of “advocacy” by the immigration group, Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA).

Several LUCHA “advocates” (including at least one male) recently followed Sinema into a restroom at Arizona State University, where she teaches.

The group filmed Sinema entering a bathroom stall, the closed door of Sinema’s bathroom stall, her exit and washing up. Then LUCHA published the video on social media for all to see.

LUCHA’s actions far exceed the acceptable bounds of advocacy and cross the line into thuggery and even criminality. Additionally, there is a question about whether LUCHA, a tax exempt 501(c)(4) organization, put its tax exempt status into jeopardy.

Democratic President Joe Biden sloughed off the incident, claiming “it happens to everybody.”

The LUCHA advocates beseeched Sinema to pass a law guaranteeing illegal immigrants have a pathway to citizenship and criticized her for her opposition to Pres. Joe Biden’s $7 trillion COVID relief and infrastructure bill.

in Arizona, it is illegal to surreptitiously film a person in a bathroom for non-security reasons because the law presumes everyone has a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in a bathroom. It is also illegal to publish the videotape or film of someone using a bathroom.

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Gannett Banishes Mallard For Ruffling Feathers About Transgenders In Girls Sports

“For too long, segregation sullied women’s sports … They were restricted to women! Thank goodness those dark days are over.”

Mallard Fillmore

That was the text of one of two cartoons published last month that got the comic strip Mallard Fillmore banned by corporate leaders at Gannett Co., Inc., the largest newspaper publisher in the United States as measured by total daily circulation.

Syndicate King Features said the corporate office of the Gannett last week abruptly cancelled Mallard Fillmore, which appeared in 69 Gannett newspapers, stating it “did not meet our standards.”

The comic strip has been drawn by cartoonist Bruce Tinsley for 27-years.


The second of the offending comic depicts President Biden saying, “I hear what you, the American people, want me to do … kill fossil-fuel jobs … devalue Americans’ labor … and help more transgender athletes beat the *@!# out of biological females.”

Ironically, a poll earlier this month by Politico and Morning Consult shows that most Americans agree with Mallard – 53% of 1,990 registered voters said they support a ban on transgender athletes competing in women sports. Only a third of those surveyed opposed the ban.

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