Did Google Decide the 2020 Pres. Election?

Google, the massive search engine, may have swayed from 2.6 million to 10.4 million votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016  U.S. Presidential election.

This year it is estimated that Google swayed a bare minimum of 6 million votes to Democrat Joe Biden, enough to “elect” Biden.

This is conclusion of Dr. Robert Epstein, a senior research psychologist for the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and a former editor in chief of Psychology Today. He earned a Ph.D. at Harvard and has published 15 books and 300 scientific and mainstream articles.

You may never have heard of Epstein and his concerns that Google has run amuck because … Well, why would Google want to tell you that?

Invisible Algorithms

Epstein told Congress last summer that Google poses a “serious threat to Democracy” because it displays content to the public that is biased in favor of the candidate that Google supports. On Monday, Epstein said that Google continued its partisan campaign in the election, influencing both liberals and conservatives to support Biden and dump GOP President Donald Trump.

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