Veronica v. Jugheads?

July 11, 2011 – Talk about a  dysfunctional workplace.

The New York Daily News reports that Archie Comic Publications is suing co-Chief Executive Officer Nancy Silberkleit  for alleged bullying.

Meanwhile, published an article in last year quoting Silberkleit, a former third grade art teacher, as stating she was stunned by the old boys’ network she encountered upon assuming the post of co-CEO following the 2009 death of her husband, Michael Silberkleit, the son of an original co-founder of the company, Louis Silberkleit.

“I’m a mother coming into a very male-oriented business,” Silberkleit told Oregon Live. “I’m not getting any support. I felt very alone.”

The lawsuit seeks to bar Silberkleit from the company’s Westchester, NY,  headquarters and to stop her from representing the company at Comic Con International later this month in San Diego.

The lawsuit alleges Silberkleit  is a foul-mouthed tyrant prone to outbursts about male genitalia and that several employees are fearful of her “erratic” behavior and bullying.

Several employees allegedly complained about Silberkleit’s antics, including an incident in 2010 in which she is said to have asked if sex toys were stored in an office safe, adding, “I need to adjust my balls.”

In April 2010,  Silberkleit is said to have walked into a meeting  “and referring to a book yelled out ‘PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS”” and then said, “My balls hurt.”

Her co-CEO is Jon Goldwater, the son of another co-founder of the company, John L. Goldwater. The company was founded in 1939.

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One Response to Veronica v. Jugheads?

  1. Pia Chu says:

    Betty v. Jugheads, not Veronica!

    It strikes me as odd to have a veteran elementary school teacher with an impeccable professional and community-oriented reputation suddenly undergo such a dramatic personality shift…especially after complaining about the existence of an old boys network in comic book land! Wow, stop the presses!!!

    Or perhaps its nothing more than the same old story….financial greed and unscrupulous behavior from male megalomaniacs trumps kind, unsuspecting Betty! I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue to see how it turns out! Unless of course, Archie is no longer the wholesome brand it used to be.


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