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I.  Civility in the Workplace

This workplace is different. Workers are required to be around or work with co-workers whom they might avoid after hours. Supervisors hold power and authority that  can quickly torpedo staff morale. This  workshop/speaking engagement addresses the meaning  of civility in the workplace, why it is of critical importance,  and  it provides participants with tools to achieve  a more civil workplace.

II.   The Inter-Generational Workplace

Elephant The elephant in the workplace is age discrimination.   For many older workers, the workplace can be an unfriendly and difficult environment. Research shows that older workers are subject to false stereotypes, irrational fears and animus toward aging.  Due to demographic shifts, many employers find it advantageous to keep older workers on staff.  What is needed is a new model of diversity that acknowledges ageism, attacks ageist stereotypes and encourages improved inter-generational working relationships.

III.  Beating Back Workplace Bullies


Why do employers subsidize workplace bullies?  Bullying causes unnecessary turnover, poor morale that results in lower productivity, higher health care costs, etc. Bullying is at the heart of many – if not most – employment discrimination lawsuits. Virtually all research shows that bullies act for their own reasons, which have nothing to do with the well-being of the company.  This talk/workshop addresses the  difference between workplace civility,  workplace bullying and  illegal harassment.   The specificity of the talk depends upon the nature of the audience (i.e., attorneys, managers or employees).  Ms. Barnes also addresses how to help employers and workers deal with bullies in the workplace.

IV.  Transcend Stress in the Workplace

Exclamation Point

My book, Transcend Your Boss: Zen and the Difficult Workplace, is entertaining and informative but it also addresses the serious problem of stress in the workplace. Many high-achieving workers suffer from stress and anxiety that  can cause potentially severe mental and physical damage. This kind of stress leads to burnout, needless turnover, lost productivity, higher health costs, etc.  This talk/workshop addresses different ways to process and address stress in the workplace, using Buddhist theory and meditation.

V. The Changing Face of Book Dedications

In Tender, Tawdry & Timeless Book Dedications, I explore the changing face of book dedications over time, from lovely poetic verses of the Elizabethan era to the sometimes tawdry dedications written by today’s authors. This talk features entertaining examples of book dedications at various points in history, and the interesting stories behind them.

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